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I like collecting old books, especially sci-fi and fantasy paperbacks from the 60s-70s. I really love the design style and I often reference them for creative inspiration. When I worked at a bookstore, I used to save them from being thrown out if no one bought them. Some of these books have been read, some are just appreciated for the covers.

paperback library

"The rockets came like locusts, swarming and settling in blooms of rosy smoke. And from the rockets ran men with hammers in their hands to beat the strange world into a shape that was familiar to the eye, to bludgeon away all the strangeness, their mouths fringed with nails so they resembled steel-toothed carnivores, spitting them into their swift hands as they hammered up frame cottages and scuttled over roofs with shingles to blot out the eerie stars, and fit green shades to pull against the night." - Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles

"There is neither source nor end, for all things are in the Center of Time. As all the stars may be reflected in a round raindrop falling in the night: so too do all the stars reflect the raindrop. There is neither darkness nor death, for all things are, in the Light of the Moment, and their end and their beginning are one." - Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness

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